True Horsemanship is a Partnership.Title. Double 

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Nicolette Birnie, Natural Horsemanship Trainer and Clinician, California

Nicolette Birnie - Natural Horsemanship Trainer and Founder of Wild to Willing Horsemanship

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"True Horsemanship

is only possible

when we display a

certain willingness

to drop our


and meet the horse 

in his world."  

Nicolette Birnie

Leadership. Communication. Confidence.

Developing a great relationship with your horse, where you can be safe and cultivate the best in his or her talents, means becoming a trusted friend and leader. 

At Wild to Willings our approach is about connecting and communicating in a partnership with our horses and we welcome you to join us to learn about the Beautiful Way of Natural Horsemanship. 




"Nicolette is soft handed but confident, her timing is excellent and horses learn to listen, watch and respond to what she is teaching them with a willingness to learn rather than learning by fear of correction."

 - Sheila Varianitle. Double click me.