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Our mission at Wild To Willing Horsemanship Foundation is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome wild, neglected, or abused horses. With thousands of wild horses being rounded up and held for life in crowded long term holding corrals, our goal is to provide forever homes for as many mustangs as possible and teach others to do the same. Here we provide a safe haven for gentling and training the horses and a peaceful refuge for our guests and other wildlife. 


Research has shown that working with wild horses has a miraculous and therapeutic effect on the human psyche. At Wild to Willing we experience this phenomenon first-hand. Our dream is to integrate our gentling and training process with members of the community who can benefit from interacting with these sensitive animals: youth, foster programs, veterans, victims of domestic violence, and any other group or individual seeking a life-changing connection with horses.


This is why we are so committed to helping these horses who have lost their families and freedom and are otherwise destined to a life of confinement without meaning.

The role each mustang can play in changing a person's life is priceless.


is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization

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