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"Nicolette is soft handed but confident, her timing is excellent and horses learn to listen, watch and respond to what she is teaching them with a willingness to learn rather than learning by fear of correction. "


– Sheila Varian, Legendary Trainer & Breeder of Arabian Horses, Arroyo Grande, CA

"I've always been a calculated risk taker. For as long as I can remember, it was my dream to tame and ride a wild horse. However, working full time didn't allow much time for horse training, so I knew my chances of achieving this goal were slim to none. Upon moving to CA from the east coast, a friend introduced me to Nicolette. She said I would like her 'way' around horses. She was right. Nicolette and
I attended a BLM auction in Solvang, CA where I fell in love with a little buckskin Mustang yearling. Nicolette gentled her, did extensive groundwork and started her under saddle at age three. Nicolette taught me nearly as how to be safe around a wild horse, how to achieve better feel and timing, and how to gain respect as a leader through non-violent communication. Today, "Liberty"(aka Libby), is my most trusted riding partner and best friend. It has been an amazing journey, and thanks to Nicolette, a risk I will never regret taking."

– Teri Lee Langdon, Creative Director, Cavallino Communications Buellton, CA

"Nicolette, the words 'Thank You' just don't seem adequate. The changes in my mare Bella are nothing short of wonderful. You have improved her  ground manners and given me the confidence to work with her. The kindness and understanding in your training methods has made all the difference. I too have learned so much working with you. You have helped me to build trust with her and to cue her in ways that actually work.  Your quiet and confident nature gave Bella the ability to learn and become a much happier horse."

– Katy Weldon, Santa Barbara, CA

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