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Training Services
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Ground Work

Colt Starting

Mustang Gentling

Remedial Work

Training for Performance 

Ranch and Trail


Training Fees

5 days/week: $700.00/mo

3 days/week: $450.00/mo

Note: Monthly training fees and board are due in advance. Colt Starting requires a 90 day commitment based on incremental preparation where the young horse builds confidence through understanding, leadership and affection. With this foundation the first ride is simply an extension of groundwork and throughout his early training the horse relies on the rider's guidance. Consistency in handling and training provides the security that allows the colt to enjoy his work while developing confidence, forwardness, and a soft feel.


Boarding (for horses in training only)

Outside board: $500/mo

Stall with turnout: $600/mo

 includes irrigated/dry pasture during day and individual corrals at night, hay as required by horse (standard feed is grass with small amounts of alfalfa) and supplimental feeding as necessary; owner provides supplements

- Supplemental Feeding/Blanketing available by arrangement; owner provides supplemental feed/blankets.

- Stalls are available though we support horses being happier and healthier outside. Stall rate $18.00/day.

- Multiple horse boarding discounts available

- Yearlings or rehab horses by arrangement



Private: $80/hr

Private Clinics/Seminars and 
Vacation Stays
by Arrangement



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