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Do You Dream of Riding Horses?

We are super excited about our new “WORK TO RIDE” program for kids and adults who are looking for an opportunity to learn to ride and care for a special horse.


Work to Ride helps kids  find joy, purpose, structure and self-esteem through riding and caring for horses.


For many adults, working outdoors with horses provides a healthy, peaceful and therapeutic retreat from everyday pressures.

In addition to riding, the hard work of maintaining a ranch and taking care of animals instills a sense of accomplishment, responsibility and physical well being.


  • Enjoy having a “horse of your own” to love, nurture and ride.

  • Learn Natural Horsemanship techniques and how to teach your horse to be well mannered and safe.

  • Weekly groundwork/riding lessons from a professional trainer

  • Learn how to groom, saddle and prepare horses for riding.

  • Learn how to manage your horse's daily care

  • Learn special skills for managing and maintaining a ranch, ie. building fences, landscaping, tractor work, creative projects

  • Develop Leadership, Communication, Confidence and Self-Esteem


  • Must be 15 yrs of age or older (Younger participants must bring a parent!) 

  • Must have some experience with horses  or a LOT of determination!

  • Must be reliable, hardworking and able to contribute to ranch chores like lifting heavy saddles and manure rakes !

  • Must make a minimum 3 month commitment to the program.

  • Must be available a minimum of 4 hours per week - that's 3 hrs of work time plus time to learn to ride and care for your given horse. (But you can stay longer to hang out and practice!!) 

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Feeding, cleaning, grooming, saddling

  • Help maintain barn and farm, including various ranch improvement projects

  • Assist other Work to Ride participants to learn as you have learned. 

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